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Our Mission

The Atlas Juniors program - an extraordinary initiative designed to unlock the untapped potential of talented middle and high school students and immerse them in the captivating world of entrepreneurship and start-up companies. The goals of the Atlas Juniors program are as follows: 

1.    Fostering Future Entrepreneurs: The program aims to foster and cultivate the skills and mindset of talented middle and high school students as future entrepreneurs. By providing them with real-world experience in entrepreneurship and start-up companies, students gain practical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and the confidence needed to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavors. This program equips them with the tools for success in the entrepreneurial world.
2.    Cultivating Innovation and Critical Thinking. Central to the program is fostering innovative thinking and cultivating practical problem-solving skills among participating students. Collaborative projects within the vibrant laboratories and workspaces of successful start-ups enable students to engage in structured, inquiry-based learning. Guided by experienced C-Level members, students actively explore their chosen technology domains, honing their critical thinking abilities and fueling their passion for innovation. The goal is to develop their capacity to devise practical and ingenious solutions to real-world challenges, preparing them to tackle the complexities of entrepreneurship with creativity and resilience.
3.    Inclusivity and Diversity: With a profound vision of inclusivity and empowerment, one of goals of the Atlas Juniors program is to promote students from peripheral areas and regions burdened by a low socioeconomic status and limited exposure to the start-up world. By providing invaluable opportunities to these talented individuals, the program bridges the gap, fostering a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. It celebrates the rich tapestry of talent and potential that exists within our global community.
4.    Breaking Gender Barriers and Inspiring Female Leadership: The Atlas Juniors program is committed to breaking down gender barriers and inspiring a new generation of female leaders in technology. By actively encouraging girls to explore the vast potential of the technology field, the program ignites their passion, broadens their horizons, and empowers them to forge extraordinary careers in this exciting domain.

5. Atlas Juniors program, rooted in Objectivist values, aims to foster personal and intellectual growth through virtues of rationality, productiveness, independence, integrity, honesty, and pride. We cultivate rational thinking by emphasizing reason as the basis for understanding the world, decision-making, and knowledge acquisition. Our participants learn to harness their potential through productive pursuits. 
The program encourages independence, facilitating the development of self-reliance and personal autonomy. Our students are empowered to make their choices, shaping their lives based on their values. Integrity plays a pivotal role in our teaching, urging students to maintain consistency between their beliefs, actions, and words.
Honesty, fundamental to our program, inspires a commitment to truth, transparency, and authenticity, helping students build strong ethical foundations. Justice forms a cornerstone of our teachings, with emphasis on respecting individual rights and upholding fairness. Lastly, we celebrate pride in our program, encouraging students to recognize their worth and achievements, fostering a drive for passionate goal pursuit.

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