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Atlas Juniors Resilience Camp
Support our students that were under the terror attacks

All donations are tax-deductible in the US, Canada, France and the UK

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The news of terrorist attacks in Southern Israel by the Hamas organization has traveled across the world.  On Saturday, October 7th 2023, an estimated 1,300 innocent civilians were murdered when Hamas entered Israeli territory.  The terrorists attacked in the bordering cities of Sderot, Ashkelon and Yavne. Sadly, these are the cities where the Atlas Juniors program had been established.  A program that was created by Boaz Arad and  Dr. Elina Lustov, educators for gifted children and champions of non profit organisations, who strive for a better Israel and a better world. The goal of the Atlas Juniors program consists of fostering middle and high school students into becoming future entrepreneurs, by cultivating innovation and critical thinking in tandem with startup companies in Israel. The program encourages independence, by facilitating the development of self-reliance and personal autonomy. Our students are offered a seat at the table with startup companies, into which they participate once per week in the offices of the startup company.

Painfully, the program has been halted due to the continuous barrage of rocket attacks from Hamas with over 5,000 being launched.  Homes have been destroyed and families have been forced to take shelter in the municipal hospital due to lack of protection.  Even families with protected rooms find themselves in difficult conditions, as they are also mourning relatives, friends, and acquaintances who have been murdered.

Although the events are fresh in our memories and are still ongoing, we must look forward as our students look for a positive sentiment in a cloud of chaos.  

The Perseverance Program is a reinvigorating educational camp with an 8 day modular curriculum, which focuses on education, personal development and a psychological component.  
Given the traumatic experiences our Atlas Juniors young individuals might have had due to the war, it's essential to create a nurturing and supportive environment in this camp. The aim would be to provide not only educational growth but also emotional and psychological support.


The activity plan for the Perseverance Program will encompass three main components:

1. Educational-Experiential Component:
This component will focus on mini-group projects guided by leaders from startup companies. It aims to provide a hands-on learning experience, exposing participants to real-world projects, enhancing their understanding and skills in a practical and engaging manner.

2. Leadership and Personal Development Component:
Directed by experts in the field, in collaborations with startup companies  this component is designed to nurture leadership skills and personal growth. Through various activities and workshops, individuals will have the opportunity to discover their potential, develop self-awareness, and enhance their ability to lead and work effectively in teams.

3. Emotional-Psychological Component:
Conducted by psychologists and therapists from various disciplines, this component is crafted to address the emotional and psychological needs of the participants. It will provide a supportive environment where individuals can process their experiences, explore their emotions, and acquire coping strategies that promote mental well-being.


contribute to this cause with a tax-deductible donation in the USA and the UK. 

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