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Prime Movers

The Atlas Juniors Prime Movers are the people that change the world - They provide knowledge, inspiration, and motivation to the young people participating in the program.

These are the people who pave the way when they are equipped with a vision and inner strength that allows them to overcome obstacles and create a better life for all of humanity. These Atlases are the heroes of the narrative, serving as a model for identification and appreciation for the young people who will be the trailblazers of the future.

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Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, led the vision to make all knowledge accessible to everyone in the world.

Today, Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website worldwide and provides access in 318 different languages.

Mr. Wales visited Israel as a keynote speaker at the Atlas Award event and met with the talented young people from the Ashkelon Center for the Gifted.

This meeting greatly contributed to the growth of the Atlas Juniors initiative.

Dr. Michel Kauffman

Dr. Michael Kauffman, a supporter of the Atlas Project and co-founder of the NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical company Karyopharm, visited the Center for the Gifted and Outstanding in Ashkelon and delivered a one-and-a-half-hour lecture on his journey from medical studies, practicing medicine, and transitioning to entrepreneurship and drug development.


Dr. Kauffman is a central supporter of the Atlas Juniors initiative and serves as a role model for the young people who benefit from his vast experiences and insights.

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Eyal Waldman

Eyal Waldman is a businessman, founder of Galileo Technologies and Mellanox, and serves as an example of extraordinary perseverance, technological, and business success.

In 2019, Mellanox was sold for a record sum of approximately 7 billion dollars to Nvidia.


Eyal participated in the launch conference of the Atlas Juniors program and offered his insights to the young people who were chosen to participate in the program.

Omer David Keilaf

CEO and Co-Founder at Innoviz Technologies, the winner of the Atlas Award 2018.

In November 2022, Omer Keilaf  hosted unique event for the students from the Center for Gifted and Outstanding Students, where they were joined by Mr. Jimmy Wales, the man behind the inception of Wikipedia.


Additionally, On June 27th, 2023, Omer Keilaf, the esteemed CEO of Innoviz, honored us with his presence at the Atlas Juniors mid-term conference (see photo).

He shared his inspirational entrepreneurial journey, imparting enlightening insights that greatly benefitted our students and stakeholders.

His participation was an invaluable addition to the event and truly enriched the overall learning experience.

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