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Collaborative Ventures

Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Through Real-World Startup Engagement.

The Atlas Juniors program provides a unique opportunity for talented middle and high school students to engage in a hands-on, project-oriented mentorship with award-winning Israeli start-up companies. This initiative is designed to immerse the young students in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, allowing them to learn from established professionals and gain practical experience in creating and innovating in real-world high-tech environments. Through this collaboration, Atlas Juniors and its start-up partners are nurturing the next generation of innovators, equipping them with the knowledge and inspiration to make a meaningful impact in the startup ecosystem. Just as the Atlas Awards celebrate exceptional value and boundary-breaking products, this program aims to cultivate a culture of creativity and excellence, preparing the students to be the driving force behind future innovations in Israel and worldwide.

The Start-up Companies

Explore the dynamic network of innovation and collaboration that defines the Atlas Juniors program. Below is a comprehensive showcase of all the visionary startups that have partnered with us, past and present, to mentor and shape the future of industry leaders.


Explore the evolution of our collaborations, the diverse projects undertaken, and the impactful partnerships formed with startups. Click on the links below to delve into the details of each cycle, discovering the achievements and milestones that define our program's legacy.





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