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Atlas Juniors
The pathway for talented young Israeli and international students to Israel's top entrepreneurship 

The ATLAS JUNIORS program, created in November 2022, is a groundbreaking, elite educational program offering talented young students a guided entry into the realm of entrepreneurship and start-up companies.
Earmarked for outstanding middle school and high school students from Israel and other countries, the Atlas Juniors program is an outgrowth of the renowned Atlas Award enterprise which annually selects and honors the top Israeli start-up company.

Our Program

Leading start-up companies

Unmediated exposure and direct connection to the leading start-up companies in Israel and action-in-the-field in real time.

Product-oriented research

Product-oriented research processes accompanied by experienced mentors from the companies.

Solving authentic challenges

In-depth experience in solving authentic challenges taking place in the companies' laboratories/workspaces.

International collaborations

Developing between talented youth from different countries and contact to leading international entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

To empower and inspire the next generation of leaders by connecting top talent from award-winning Israeli tech companies with exceptional students from peripheral communities in Israeli high schools. Through intensive, project-oriented mentorship, we foster innovation, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills, while breaking down gender barriers and promoting inclusivity. Our mission is to provide unparalleled opportunities for students to explore the world of technology, develop their talents, and forge extraordinary careers, ultimately shaping a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Students & Start-Up's Executives testimonials

"Every interaction with the companies left me eager to join their teams, surpassing my already high expectations. The exposure to diverse industries and the chance to witness firsthand the inner workings of these innovative companies has been truly inspiring. I was amazed by the passion and dedication exhibited by the professionals we met, and their willingness to share their expertise with us. This hands-on approach allowed us to gain practical skills and develop a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial world. The Atlas Juniors program has provided me with invaluable experiences that have broadened my horizons and ignited my entrepreneurial spirit."

Or Biton

Student at Bluewhite

“The Atlas Juniors program has opened up a world of opportunities for us as teenagers. Through this program, we have been able to explore the exciting field of high-tech and gain valuable work experience. Coming from peripheral areas, we often felt limited by our place of birth, but thanks to the support of the Gifted Center and Elina, we now have the chance to break free from those constraints. The Atlas Juniors program has provided us with the tools, mentorship, and confidence to shape our own futures. We are grateful for this transformative experience and the new doors it has opened for us."

Ido Ben Moshe

Student at Bluewhite

"My goal is to pursue a career in the medical field. When I discovered the Atlas Juniors program, I jumped at the opportunity. Attending the initial meeting at "Nucleai," a start-up company, exceeded all my expectations. Working alongside the brilliant minds at "Nucleai" has been an eye-opening experience. I've gained invaluable insights into cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking research, deepening my understanding of the medical field. The mentorship provided by the professionals at the company has been instrumental in shaping my career aspirations. Thanks to the Atlas Juniors program, I've taken a significant step towards realizing my dreams."

Adam Arbel

Student at Nucleai

This is one of the most exciting and impressive projects we have been a part of. In the daily race of a startup, it's a privilege to take a momentary pause and accompany a group of talented young people who are insanely passionate, with fire in their eyes and big dreams, reminding us all why we are here - to create something new that will change the world. If only all children in Israel had such dedicated, inspiring, and enriching educational frameworks as Atlas Juniors!

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3 Aluf Kalman Magen, 3L, Tel Aviv, 6107075
At WeWork Room 113

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